Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Sahara Project

The Sahara Project – phylosophy
In the actual context of global climate changes, of the increasing of Greenhouse gases, governments, organisations and other entities tries to find solutions to stop or to minimalize this phenomenon. Many of the solutions adopted by forums as COP have failed. Why? Because in one hand, they try to find in a wrong direction (through economic compensations for the undeveloped countries) and in the other, no one of the industrial corporations wants to make even a least sacrifice in order to limit the exploitation of natural resources which is otherwise an important part of actual human civilisation. The commercial way of thinking leads finaly to a colapse of the countries, large wars, refugees problems, economical crisis and collapses of important branches in ones states economies and also in destruction of the environments, of natural balance, giving to people not only pain, but it threats even the life on Earth, as never was before since immemorial times.
So, we do not need ideas, politics or financial solutions only. We need practical, touchable yet challenging solutions.
I wonder how people may invest huge amount of money in projects which are in these ages a nonsense instead of redirect it to more practical and usefull ones? I mean, why are we so stubborn to send missions to Mars, trying the almost impossible (building there an environment available for living or human creatures) instead of conquering areas on Earth which are missing life, as are the deserts of our planet. The Amazon Forest is the mot important green zone on the planet and also the “lung” which regenerates along with the Oceans the Earth’s atmosphere. But with the nowadays average of industrial processes over the world and land clearing of this huge forest we get two important factors: 1 Increasing of Greenhouse gases. 2 Decreasing of the capacity of regeneration of atmosphere. Those 2 factors together are leading to unballance of the entire planet environment and the final outcome cannot be predicted. Humanity as society have yet very little knowledge of how does Nature works, or worse, is not concerned too much about it.
Why Sahara Project

Sahara is the largest desert of the world and comparing with the Amazonian Forest, it is almost double in surface. Sahara was many times in the past a rich green and wet environment, filled with flora and fauna. It can be again now, in our ages and it may be an important heritage to our children and future generations. Our civilisation have today enough technology to rebuild a forest in the Sahara Desert, Sahara may become entirely a great forest or a green map (watching at it from sattelite). What is required is the awakening of human consciousness at some level, realising the danger may occure in the future if we are doing nothing practical now. All the nations have to be involved in this project. If the countries redirects let’s say a few percents from GDP or from the money destined to increase army powers, to that kind of project, if all the humans will let aside all the differences between them, either political, cultural, religious, racial and so on and tries to build together a new world, a real Paradise, not beyond death, but in this life, right here, right now.
Joining a project like this, many of the actual global issues will be solved partially or entirely. Decreasing of the level of Greenhouse gases in atmosphere, may be the main target. But also, millions of unemployed people may find a job here, and eventualy, cities may be built here solving in this way an important part of immigration.
As the surface of the afforested area is growing, we will have an increase of rainfalls wich will provide fresh water over this area. Sand storms will decrease, rivers will start to flow, the temperatures on the ground will be not extreme as it is today (-5C at night and over 50C on day) and will be friendly to the inhabitants.
A big amount of water and Greenhouse gases will be trapped in the vegetation and the threat of increasing the Oceans level will vanish. The extreme forecast will disappear, not only over Sahara, but on entire Europe and even for the whole northern emisphere.
Big amount of crops grown here may supply the markets of the world and a new era of prosperity even for the poor countries would arise.
An important transformation in the human consciousness will take place if the project will succeed.

Inovation and technology

This project is impossible to be done by a single man, a single organisation, corporation or country. The cooperation between all countries is of vital significance for succeeding, dealing with big amount of technology, energetic and material resources, human resources, and finances. But this cost is meaningless regarding the benefits for the humanity. It is an issue of death and life. It is a chance for the future of the planet.
First thing we are concerned by is water.
There is a big amount of water underground of Sahara discovered few decays ago. But the ice of the polar cap is also an important option. Icebergs may be transported to the coasts of northern and west Africa, melt in special tanks and pumped to the forest plantations. Some rivers in south Europe are overflowing in springs and this water together with the rich mud may reach northern Africa through undersea pipelines. There are many ways and we can find the cheap or best one. In any case, when the new environment will be self sustainable, the water supply will be not necessary.
Secondly, tree planting nursery have to be prepared carefully, starting with the most resistant species at the dry hot weather of Sahara and north Africa, but later adding also many other species. Very important is the BIODIVERSITY. Starting with annual vegetation and later continuing with the perennial, we’ll ensure a step-by-step stabilisation and enrichning of the soil. We need trees and vegetation together. The trees will pull out from the deep soil different nutritious minerals. Slowly, a fertile soil will be built and a cycle will be started.
Energy supply will be based in the beginning on the fossile fuel and soon on solar power. This is a great chance for experiments and development of new technologies which can be further used in any other place on Earth.
The Sahara Project will be shared in stripes, starting from north to south. Each stripe will be developed first in lenghth and after that in width, mile by mile. Finally, it will join the savanna and then the animals there will populate slowly the new forest. Some birds and animals will be selected and naturalised in the Sahara Forest. It may occure an unballance in that case, but soon, the law of nature will operate in its own way to bring a balance.
Northern Europe can supply fertile soil, biomass for better results on plantations. Different insects, bees, mushrooms, worms are an important part with specific role in the nature. The most important thing in every thing we do is BIODIVERSITY. Australian scientists have a great experience in building fertile soils in extreme conditions and their researches are necessary.

Similar projects may be developed in other deserts as Arabian Peninsula, Gobi, Kalahari and so on.

Sahara Project, a stepforward to the Big Shift

As we know, the history of our planet is filled with blood, pain, human disasters and all aspects of destruction. The main reason was the gain of a small piece on this Planet. In thousands of years of history, the human society have not change essentially, but only in finding different ways, much more distructive, to reach the same goal: the achievement. Nowadays, we are as society on a top and if we are not stopping here from this destructive path, we will fall and vanish. We have no choice. We have to change not the way, but the goal. The Big Shift is the only way to continue to exist on this Earth. The Big Shift is a real step forward also, along with surviving as society. We need new vision and a deep understanding of how the Nature works, of its laws wich are still unchangeable till the end of cosmic cycle.
It is well known that if the enire population of Earth would consume the same amount of goods and energy as the american people does, we will need 4.5 planets, but we have only a half. Also, in only two centuries we spend almost entire reserve of fosyle fuel which the Nature have built in millions of years. This is a destructive way of living. The Nature and the human body are working in the same way, with the same basic rules. So if we understand this, our acting in this world will be a benefit for every one. In this point of view, if we consider the money as the blood of society (and obviously it is) we will try to let the flow smoothly in all directions. The accumulation or lack of the blood (money) will lead at unbalanced and unsustainable life of humans or society. Or, the wars of the history till the present day were nothing but accumulation of land and goods in few hands and distruction of defeated. You cannot feed only a part of your body and let the rest of it starving and to maintain yourself in life. Every organ, tissue, cell, etc need the same care and all must co-exist in absolute balance. The unballance means disease and eventually death. Accumulation of money may lead to such unballance and disease of society and no legislation in the world will be enough to avoid the final outcome.
   The Big Shift is the change of the way of thinking from feed-up to feed-back. What came in have to come out. Not the survival of the powerfull and strongest but cooperation, recycling and interconnection. We cannot ask to happened all this from governments, banks, NGO, religious organisations because we not gonna get it. We must understand and act changing the own self first, and only this way we will witness a real change.
   The Sahara Project is a great opportunity to reconnect humankind with Nature, the humans between them; it is an opportunity to reballance the planet at a very large scale, because having a common goal, a common action, we will have also a common benefit. Differences between people as their colour, language, religion, gender, etc will be no more a reason of hate and destruction but a reason of coexistence and happyness. But we must unit our powers and redirect our efforts and resources to that wich will bring a benefit to us and future generations. Do we care about our children? Then we must be concerned of the heritage we leave to them. We cannot hope to go to any Paradise out there leaving a chaos and hell in here. No destructive action of any of us will lead us to Paradise. If we are living in hell, the paradise is only a hope, a fantasy, especially if WE are the hell-makers. Instead, we have an oportunity to build here and now a real Paradise and to enjoy it growing and blossoming, knowing that WE created it for us and our children.
The energy we can create distructive weapons can be redirected to the creation of constructive tools and sustainable technologies; the energy used for rebuilding an after-war zone can be redirected to the building of a sustainable environment in places as Sahara Desert. The war is anyway distructive, no matter its goal and it have no virtue at all, no matter how it names. Instead of wars, we can together help the Mother Nature to come to life in such places as Sahara and She will embrace and feed us dearly.
 The Sahara Project shall be not a specific, local, limited action, but it must have extends in all societies, in every part of the world. We can say that is ratherly a concept we create, develop and apply in the daily life. What that mean? Basically it could be the opposite of the war. The wars destroys cities, forests, nature and leave behind a desert. But we can take a desert and put a seed there, a plant, a tree, an animal, etc, and one day, the Nature will be able of self sustainability and the next generation will see growing what we sow today.
In a daily life, we can redirect our energies to build a good environment around our places, to reconnect with people and the nature, to become aware of our actions and its outcome. To rebuild our destroied life and to shift from old towards the new.  Nothing is impossible: it only can take some big amount of time and energy. But if it does have a meaning for someone, it is worth of any effort.

We must become aware that this way of living and thinking we had for the last centuries have lead us to an end and we can no go further. Competitivity  and the surviving of the strongest took us away from Nature. In that end, we have to step a little back, to turn the gaze backward for a while, and we will understand what we have done. After that arising of the awareness we will be able to find a new way, towards cooperation and reconnection with the Nature.